The Russian Revolution Of 1917 Essay

The Russian Revolution Of 1917 Essay

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To fully understand the Russian Revolution of 1917, people should first of all understand it’s reasons. In 1861, the serfdom in Russia was abolished, many people thought of it as a moment of radical changes. However, peasants’ life did not change much: they still were oppressed and had to work for the landowners, pay taxes, and most important they did not own the land that they worked on. Low classes’ standard of living remain extremely poor. The agrarian reforms of the early 20th century had failed and occurrence of revolts started to increase. The migration of peasants from villages to the cities began to grow. In the cities they were introduced to the new political ideas. Workers also had good reasons for discontent: overcrowded housing with poor sanitary conditions (sometimes 6 people lived in one room), long hours at work (up to 14 hours per day), harsh discipline, and inadequate wages. Skilled workers from the cities were replaced with unskilled yesterday’s peasants. The indirect reason of Revolution was that the government, in order to finance the World War I, had been printing millions of ruble notes that led to inflation and prices increase. Also because of late industrialization, Russia’s workers were highly concentrated in a cities, where socialist ideas started to popularize. Moreover, after Bloody Sunday massacre of 22 January (O.S. 9 January) 1905 when hundreds of unarmed protesters were shot by the Tsar’s troops, the Tsar has got the nickname “Bloody Nicholas” and became the target for critics even among officers, who were the main support of monarchy. Workers responded to the massacre with a clipping general strike, Nicholas was forced to sign the October Manifesto, which established a democratically elected parli...

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...between tradition and modernity did not lead inexorably to the revolution but only created the potential for it, which became a reality due to the difficulties of wartime and the struggle for power between the opposition and the monarchy.” My school history teacher, Kirillov S.F.., when we have been studying that period of Russian history, said that if Russia were not involved in the war that time and had few more years to recover country’s economy by vital reforms, revolution could be avoided and Russia would have a British model of monarchy. A.P. Nenarokov concludes, “One last point: it seems to me that the Russian Revolution should not, for now at least, be called Great—not because that does not coincide with reality but because we are not yet appropriately positioned to pinpoint where its greatness may lie.” The Revolution of 1917 should be a lesson for everyone.

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