The Russian Revolution And The Soviet Revolution

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The Russian Revolution consisted of two revolutions fought in Russia in 1917. The first revolution was fought in February 1917 at the same time as WWI which caused Russia many setbacks within their army. Soldiers families were suffering back home and many of the soldiers went back home to help them which led the Russian army into a state of mutiny. The second revolution was fought in October that same year due to continued unrest in the cities of Russia and its government. The Russian Revolution had a great impact on the government and people of Russia, and also the relationship between Russia and the Allies during WWI. Emperor Nikolai II believed that the only way for the Russian empire to survive the revolution would be for a quick victory and for the country to seize all internal trouble within the government. Nikolai II stated his abdication of the throne and called upon his youngest brother Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich to take over all in the midst of the war and strife. Grand Duke Mikhail’s main concern was the welfare of the country’s empire. Vladimir Linen challenged the Russian people to stand up by the masses and confront the problems of the government rather than relying on congresses to solve the problems for them. At this time the Russian empire was suffering by a great deal and were facing the chance of losing everything if the government was not under some type of power. Lenin wrote, “Let the Revolutionary Military Committee do it, or “some other institution” which will declare that it will relinquish power only to the true representatives of the interests of the people, the interests of the army, the interests of the peasants, and the interests of the starving.” He also said that the power should not be put un... ... middle of paper ... ... both the reds and the whites agreed to seize fire and signed the Armistice which also had the U.S. soldiers withdrawn from Russia. The reds won the Russian Civil War and began to try to spread communism all over. Even though the Allies did fight alongside the whites in the Russian Civil War, Nikolai II believed that even with all the internal troubles that were affecting Russia, the Allies along with Russia’s army could still overthrow the Axis when they made their final attack. Russia and the Allies faced many setbacks with the first world war occurring all the while also facing revolutions inside their own countries. Although the government and people of Russia, and also the relationship between Russia and the Allies faced many challenges during the Russian Revolution, Russia still stands as a successful country today along with the countries apart of the Allies.
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