The Russian Revolution: A Turning Point for Communism Essay

The Russian Revolution: A Turning Point for Communism Essay

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The Russian Revolution was a turning point in history because it tried to use communism as its main principal. “Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution” (Marx Quotes: Quotes from Karl Marx and Frederick Engels). In a communist society, everyone in that society receives equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. In a communist nation, there would be a classless society, and everyone would be happy to share their wealth. The government would own all means of production, and the government would redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor. The Russian revolution started due to the lack of food in Russia, and the huge difference between the rich and the poor. The Russian people were also mad that Czar Nicholas II was keeping Russia in war. Thousands of Russian soldiers were being killed every week. At the end of the war, around 1,700,000 soldiers died (WWI Casualty and Death Tables). At least 1,500,000 Russians and possibly up to more than 5 million Russians were wounded. (WWI -- Russia).
Before the Russian Revolution, Russia was going through some hard times. In Russia, during the early 1900’s, there was a huge difference between the rich and the poor. There was a large number of peasants living in poverty. On the other hand, there was a restricted amount of people living in a life of lavish, who owned large plots of land, and had servants to tend to their needs. Czar Nicholas II was one of the few that was living a life of luxury, which angered the peasants. What also angered the peasants was a man named Rasputin. Rasputin lived with the Romanovs because he claimed that he had magical powers that could cure Nicholas II’s son’s disease: haemophilia. When World War I came along...

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