Essay on Russian Lobbying During The United States

Essay on Russian Lobbying During The United States

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This article discusses Russian lobbying in the United States. It looks most specifically at three periods of time between 1991-2011, noting that lobbying in the US decreased over those time periods, but reports that lobbying in the US on behalf of Russian entities has been happening since 1942. A number of factors play a role in Russian lobbying in the US including Russia’s level of democracy, the Russian government’s share of the GDP, Russian state versus business conflicts, financial and human resources, presidential politics, and the US legal environment. Various types of entities have used lobbying to represent or promote their interests including banks, civic society organizations, and research and cultural organizations. However, corporations and the government entities make up the greatest percentage of Russian entities involved in US lobbying. Lobbying techniques most often include the hiring of consultants, lobbyists, law firms, and public relations firms. Entities may also benefit from coalitions with other companies, media relations, using trade associations, direct contacts with important decision makers, and gaining the support of influential government allies (Kostyaev 2012).
During the period from 1991 to 1993, the factors affecting Russian lobbying changed. The Russian government under then President Yeltsin had begun privatizing the Soviet economy in preparation for transition to a free market. The share of the GDP by the public sector decreased 40%. Oil prices were only about $20-$30/barrel. There were 23 Russian entities that lobbied in the US during this time. The main goal of Russian entities lobbying in the US during this period was a financial one; they were attempting to attract the investments and funding...

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...l Nuclear Cooperation. The agreement was originally signed in February 2007, however, US nuclear material producers were not happy about the agreement and in efforts to appease them the agreement was later removed. Techsnabexport again turned to lobbying activities to promote reintroduction of the agreement and obtain a Pentagon contract. With the help of lobbying by American energy companies once again, in May 2010 the agreement was again introduced to Congress as executive agreement and ratified automatically and became operational in December 2010 (Kostyaev 2012).
Overall, Russian lobbying in the US is considered weak. Lobbying is done for both political and economic reasons. As for lobbying as it relates to international trade, it is difficult to increase trade without lobbying though, as lobbying may need to be done to help lift trade barriers (Kostyaev 2012).

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