The Russian Federation Palm Beach State College : Position Paper For The Security Council

The Russian Federation Palm Beach State College : Position Paper For The Security Council

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Delegation from Represented by
Russian Federation Palm Beach State College

Position Paper for the Security Council

The topics before the Security Council are: The Situation in Iraq; Measures to Combat Terrorism in Africa; and Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Security Sector Reform. The Russian Federation recognizes sovereignty and multilateralism as fundamental pillars for the peaceful and respectful coexistence among all members of the international community. We look forward to working with other delegations in order to achieve best results in our common endeavors.

I. The Situation in Iraq
The Russian Federation identifies the situation in Iraq as one of the main obstacles for obtaining peace. In the 5574th meeting on Tuesday, 28, November 2006, 3 p.m. New York, S/PV.5574 the Russian Federation identifies the situation concerning Iraq. A letter from the representative of Iraq requested to be invited to participate in the consideration of the item on the Council’s agenda. The proposition with the consent of the rest of the council declared right to attend, however no right to vote, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Charter and rule 37 of the council’s provisional rules of procedure. No objection arose, therefore, Mr. Al Bayati (Iraq), too a seat at the council table. Before all members was document S/2006/899, which contains a letter (2006) from the representative of Iraq, transmitting a letter from the Prime Minister. Russian Federation has voted in support of this Security Council resolution to extend the mandate of the Multinational Force in Iraq. We took into account the concerns set forth. The security of accredited diplomatic personnel in Iraq and the reaffirmation that the ...

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...e governance of natural resources. The council members learn lessons from peacekeeping operations and different way to mandate adequate room to deal with sanctions. While we are not all in with our veto votes, the United Nations should hand over its responsibilities to other bodies to get the job done. The Security Counsel has primary responsibility for maintenance of international peace and security and we will do everything in our power to keep this sanction strong.

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