Russia/Hungary: The Communist Regime Essay

Russia/Hungary: The Communist Regime Essay

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Q1: In 1991, the communist regime in Russia collapsed and Hungary, along with several other countries, changed their form of government to a parliamentary democracy (textbook, p. 135). The current head of government in Hungary is Prime Minister Viktor Orban who was reelected to the position by a 45% majority on April 6, 2014. (BBC News #1).
Q2: The government of Hungary has a tendency to have dispersed power in its government. The government contains government branches similar to the United States. The executive branch contains the chief of state, Janos Ader, and the Prime Minister, the legislative branch consists of a unicameral national assembly with 386 elected members and has a great deal of power, and the judicial branch consists of a Supreme Court and lower courts (BBC #2). Currently, the control of the legislative branch is in the hands of the Fidesz, a conservative political party in Hungary, which controls two-thirds majority in the parliament (BBC#1). The Constitution provides a checks and balances system, but the majority rule of the Fidesz party has eliminated the effectiveness of that system. This imbalance of diverse representation by other parties is created a more concentrated form of power.
Q3: Hungary has both a separation of origin and separation of survival. The parliament is elected through general elections where all citizens are allowed to vote. Both the President and members of parliament are elected to terms of four years and have fixed terms in office.
Q4: The 199 members of the National Assembly (MPs) have four-year terms and some are elected by public vote. During the election, each voter casts two votes on separate ballots: one for a single constituency candidate and one candid...

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...ty. A disadvantage of constructivism is that most people do not agree with the theory and believe that their political identities are primordial.
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