Russia Under Stalin And Communism Essay

Russia Under Stalin And Communism Essay

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Russia under Stalin was a country that had just undergone extensive social and political change in an abrupt and intense manner, going from one extreme of governance – absolute monarchy - to another, communism. This violent shift in Russia’s societal infrastructure had created a major lack of movement and evolution in Russian industry, and Russia was lagging behind the rest of Europe in manners of trading, production and technology. Lenin had fostered a dream of having the entirety of Russia lit up by electricity and modern means of communication in ten years. However, this was not just a dream of an advanced society: Lenin was sure that without this lurch forward to meet and contend with the competition of other countries, they would not last, and this was echoed by Stalin when he came into power; “We are fifty of a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this lag in ten years. Either we accomplish this or we will be crushed.” After Lenin’s death, Stalin as the figurehead of communism and leadership in Russia now faced meet the promises of an untested system – a free, functioning Russia as spearhead of the communist movement.

In its first few years of communism, Russia had achieved the goals that Lenin and the Bolsheviks had set out with. The people had peace, they had land, and they had bread. But it was all to a very small extent, and the ideas of communism were still being contradicted by such things as the Kulaks (The “rich” peasants, relative to the amount of land they owned and the amount of livestock they had ) as petit bourgeois landowners within Russia, working for themselves with their own means of production and profit. This form of capitalism in the now communist Russia was unacceptable, as...

... middle of paper ... that both brought stability to the country after such frequent political and social turmoil in the previous decades, yet created insecurity in structure due to the manner in which Russian peasants and workers faced a forced adoption to the regime Stalin proposed. And though he did indeed achieve this industrialization (an alleged increase of industrial output six-fold from 1928 to 1955). However Stalin was not blind to the fact that his hopes for increase in output were not being achieved at the great rates he had proposed. Yet despite this he remained passionate to the cause of industrialization and its necessary placement in Russia’s future; “ No comrades, the pace must not be slackened! On the contrary, we must quicken it as much as is within our powers and possibilities… To slacken the pace would mean to lag behind; and those who lag behind will be beaten.”

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