Russia 's Newest Law : Russia Essay examples

Russia 's Newest Law : Russia Essay examples

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Russia’s Newest Law
On July 21, 2016 Russia put a hold on the Christian religion. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin believed one way to stop terrorism was by limiting what christians can do with their faith. This law states that no christian can evangelize outside of the church; not online, in your home, or out in public. Emailing your friend to come to church with you was even illegal. If you don’t report to authority of an suspension you have of someone evangelizing outside of the church, you can be put in jail up to one year. To be able to speak about christianity in church, you have to get a permit through a religious organization, but even with this permit it still doesn’t allow you to still speak outside of the church. If you were to break this law, you will be fined and have a chance to be kicked out of Russia (Eckel, Russia’s new law imposes harsh restrictions). Many christian events were suppose to take place in Russia before the law was passed but once the law was passed, there was no longer any christian events. (Chandler, Missionaries are struggling). Oleg Goncharov, a spokesman from Seventh-day Adventists’, said “ the religious situation in the country will grow considerably more complicated and many believers will find themselves in exile and subjected to reprisals because of our faith.” If Russians are willing to risk everything on the line to share their faith including standing to fight against terrorist, then they will fight against the law. Obviously if people are willing to go through all of this, shouldn’t Vladimir Putin start to question why? Being part of a religion is standing up for what you believe in. Every russian should have the freedom of religion and speech. In Christianity, God tells christians to...

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...if I was living in Russia at this time and I was not a christian how would I feel about this new law? I would honestly be mad about how human rights and our freedom was being taken away. Most russians are use to having their rights taken away from them, but nothing like having a hold on evangelizing outside the church. Of course I would be worried about terrorist but that’s only because I wouldn’t understand why christians were standing up for their faith. Christians are scared of terrorist but they are willing to stand against them for what they believe in. For as long as this law is active, Christians and other religions who are affected by it, will find away to fight it. They will stand up for what they believe in. They believe that if there is a will there will be a way. Missionaries will continue to come and terrorist will continue to have their eyes on Russia.

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