Russia 's Governmental Structure Of The United States Essay

Russia 's Governmental Structure Of The United States Essay

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Russia’s governmental structure is based on a system that was enacted by the 1993 constitution which declared Russia a democratic and federal based state. A multiparty system is also in effect although this is weak in the current dispensation. Laws and policies affecting citizens have to be made public and must have to be drafted in harmony with international laws and treaties. Russian is the official language. This is a stark difference with the United States, whose constitution was ratified in 1787 with a strong democratic tradition involving two major parties.
The executive branch of the Russian government is a dual executive with a president and prime minister, where the president has considerably greater powers and is responsible for the selection of the prime minister. The president has the authority to issue directives without review by the legislature, but it has to be within the bounds of the law (Nichol, 2014). The president also has reach in regard to military policy, allowing the president to declare martial law, subject to the approval of the Federation Council, and increased involvement in the appointment of upper military posts. These roles are somewhat similar to their United States counterparts, except in the United States, there is no duality with regard to a prime minister. The American president possesses veto power over bills that have gone through the legislative process and can introduce new legislation with consultation with Congress. For the president to declare a state of emergency or declare war on another country, Congress has to approve of such an action (Roegel, 2008).
Russia consists of a 628-member parliament called the Federal Assembly which has two chambers, State Duma and the Federation Council...

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... election. In comparison Russia’s recent elections suggest that Kremlin, the equivalent of United States executive, has a vast control over political parties with most parties conforming to the will of the executive. The media manipulation in Russia is also a large difference between the two countries with the president’s popularity marching the popularity of the current government. Most of the elected leaders in Russia do not have much say in policy that can affect the country but only their constituents since the executive is involved in a system of control that has been carried on since the Soviet era. There rings a different tune in the United States where Congress members and other locally elected members can have an impact since there are federal and state governments where state governments can change their laws and gives more influence to the elected leaders.

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