Russia 's Culture As A Whole For The Next Millennium Essay

Russia 's Culture As A Whole For The Next Millennium Essay

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The Finno-Ugric and Eastern Slavs were some of the first people to inhabit Russia. The Vargarian chieftain Rurik established several areas in 862. Veps, Votes and Illmen Slavs were some of the first people to live in these areas. This is considered to be the very beginning of Russia. Christianity was adopted in 988 from the Byzantine Empire by the Slavic and the Byzantine cultures which were important in defining Russia’s culture as a whole for the next millennium. Russia exhibits many continuities of social structure with its tsarist, political culture, and Soviet past.
Historical Context
Russia started out as a very primitive and orthodox country. Illiteracy and superstitions from lower classes plagued Russia, causing a technological gap between them and western nations. Industries in Russia could not keep up with those in western society and the use of primitive tools stunted the growth of Russia as a nation. A strict and aggressive foreign policy and poorly led military also contributed to the lack of growth in Russia. In 1917 Russia experienced a revolution which resulted with the collapse of their government and the tsar exiled from rule. World War I and the civil war that followed also contributed in the destruction of the old Russia.
Joseph Stalin was seen to be one of the first leaders to contribute towards the rise of the new society. He collectivized agriculture, empowered the Communist Party, brought in a command economy and used the Purges to put fear among people. Stalinism however, began to crumble even though the Russians won over the Nazis in World War II. During his last rein (1945-1953), the economy witnessed a drastic decline from the fall of agriculture resulting in starvation and famine. D...

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...ory started in 1992. The Russian Federation was known worldwide a legal successor of the Soviet Union. It has been considered that Russia lost its influential status after it had faced serious challenges in the efforts that it had in forging a new economic system and post-Soviet political system. Russia brought into attempt the building of an economy that is based on market capitalism. This has painful results by means of scrapping the central planning of the socialists as well as state ownership of property of the Soviet era. To date, Russia exhibits many continuities of social structure with its tsarist, political culture, and Soviet past. It is evident through the way the Russians have structured their government and political power. They exhibit many similarities with the socialists from he past only that they have modified a few things to fit current times.

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