Essay about Russia And The Russian Union

Essay about Russia And The Russian Union

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(U) Since the plummet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), reports of political controversy and conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation have been made in regards to Crimea. On February 28, 2014 Russian Federation Troops assisted by pro-Russian local militia occupied important Crimean sites. On March 21, 2014 the Russian Federations President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty officially making Crimea a part of the Russian Federation. There are many reasons pertaining to why President Vladimir Putin felt the need to annex Crimea from Ukraine. The Russian Federation violated their obligations to Ukraine, within the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurance. The seizure of Crimea not only effects the Ukraine, but the Growth of NATO; Ukraine and NATO planned to collude, before the annexation of Crimea. Due to the United States’ reaction to the annexation European allies have reason to question the U.S’s devotion to its transatlantic allies. The Russian Federations actions also take part in the failure of President Barrack Obama’s Doctrine, guarantying the protection and advancement of U.S Interests. The Russian Federations advance in military equipment, capabilities, and the annexation of Crimea; has caused the realization that the United States must increase its military equipment, and its national security capabilities.
The Russian Federation justified the annexation of Crimea due to majority of Crimean citizens being ethnically- Russian. Crimea is made up of majority ethnically Russian citizens as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union, a lot of Russian citizens were forced to become citizens of Ukraine after it gained its independence. According to John Herbst of National Interest, Russia occupied Crimea i...

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...ent Vladimir Putin feels the Russian Federations actions were justified, they were none the less wrong. In many situations the United States has been considered the “Police of the World” but in this situation they live up to that sobriquet. Leaving tension between Western countries due to the annexation of Crimea, and a lack of bodily involvement in Ukraine opposed to the economic approach that was taken. The United States’ national security has not become a crisis but with the Russian Federation blatantly doing things such as annexing Crimea, the need for a stronger national and international security becomes apparent. The annexation of Crimea has tested the security, trust, and boundaries of the United States and its allies. The Russian Federation made multiple things very evident, but the stabilization of their relationships with many countries is not one of them.

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