Essay on Russia: A Summary of Demographic Facts, Politics and History

Essay on Russia: A Summary of Demographic Facts, Politics and History

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Since I am interested in Russia, I decided to find out a little more about it. One of the first things I would like to find out is some basic information about the country. Another thing I would like to find out is what has happened in Russia’s history. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to learn about the country’s current leader. Information about the capital city is another thing that I want to discover about Russia. In addition, I would like to find out about popular attractions that are located in Russia. Finally, I want to learn about a famous person who was born in Russia. Those are some of the things I hope to learn from doing this project.
The first thing I wanted to find out was some basic information about Russia. I found out that Russia has a full name is Russian Federation. The population is 142.7 million as of 2012. The capital is Moscow in Russia. The major language is Russian. People talk Russian in Russia. The major religions is Christianity, although many Islam people also live in Russia.
The population is 80% Russian. The money is call rouble and 100 kopecks equals 1 rouble. Russia’s main exports are oil and oil products, natural gas, wood and wood products, metals, chemicals, weapons, and military equipment. The location is called Eurasia. Part of it is in Europe and part is in Asia. The climate in Russia varies from the Arctic in the North to temperate in the South. The life expectancy of men is 63, women live to be 75.
The second thing I wanted to learn was what has happened in Russia’s history. I discovered that Russia was invaded by many countries. Russia was called Rus. Vikings captured the cities of Kiev and Novogorod. Rus was a powerful country that later split apart ...

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...nize my folder with all the research I found. I have learned much from this paper, and I know it will help me later on in my life.

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