The Rush Of A Jump Scare Essay

The Rush Of A Jump Scare Essay

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You hear creepy xylophonic sounds, then sudden thumps and rhythmic beats build up into the final “BANG!” of a jump scare. Humans have this insatiable thirst for horror movies although, strangely enough, most of them are cowed by the terrifying pop-up scares or the gore. Many people, against all odds, go to the movies and watch a horror movie, all the while stating thing such as, “I hate horror movies.” or “I really hate the jump scares.” Paranoia runs rampant in the theatre as massive amounts of people collectively inhale and exhale, yelp, or cry out at a jump scare. The rush of adrenaline as the primitive sense of fear ripples through the audience keeps many coming back for more, even though their brain is crying out “Stop!” Why?
What could make a sensible person forsake their senses and go to a horror movie, just to get scared out of their wits and put into an induced state of intense paranoia? Adrenaline pumps through their veins after a scare and provides them with a feeling of sudden energy or heightened senses, if even for just a moment. But then again, what could keep them coming back more is the constant need to be vigilant, since this feeling most likely gives them a sense of utter control over what is going on around them. And then there’s also the feeling of being connected to someone without words when a person can watch the movie with their significant other and go through the same experience with each other. So many factors play into what makes them come back.
All throughout the theatre, you can feel the energy in the air, hear the rugged and quick, shallow breaths, and taste the fear that flickers through everyone 's mind. You can feel a connection with everyone else who is watching and feeling the same thing yo...

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...these people are very few and most people are not as crazy or sadistic enough to apply these green-screened effects to a real life situation which require actual thought and sensible treading.
So what does make someone want to waste their time to watch a horror film to sate their need to feel adrenaline rush through their veins? It is a mixture of the effects of adrenaline, feeling a connection with people, and being in control of what you are making yourself do. You could be a crazy sadistic creep, masochistic monster, or normal human being, but a horror movie always brings out the primal force of nature and rushes you to ecstasy when adrenaline courses through your veins and to your head. Deep inhalation, shallow exhalation, and tense electrifying moments probably makes you want to come back for more and more. The rush is what you want and the rush is what you get.

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