Running Kites, Running Toward Integrity And Kindness Essay

Running Kites, Running Toward Integrity And Kindness Essay

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Running Kites, Running Toward Integrity and Kindness
The Kite Runner, a novel by Khaled Hosseini, is a story about Redemption. In this novel, two kids always run kites together when they are young. One is Amir, a rich boy living in a high-status family; the other is Hassan, Amir’s loyal servant and playmate. One day, Amir wins the kite running tournament, and they need to run to get their trophy, the last fallen kite. Hassan tries to get the kite for Amir. He gets it successfully, but he is raped by the local bully, Assef. Amir sees everything behind a corner; however, he doesn’t do anything and runs away because of fear. He betrays Hassan, his friend. What’s more, he accuses Hassan of stealing in order to dislodge him because he is afraid to face Hassan. Twenty-six years pass, but he still thinks of Hassan and feels guilty about him. One day, he is told that Hassan is Baba’s love child and Hassan’ son is trapped in Afghanistan. After careful consideration, he eventually decides to go back to save Hassan’s son and tries to find redemption. The title, The Kite Runner, refers to Hassan because he runs to the last fallen kite for Amir; However, Baba and Amir who, like many of us, have made mistakes in their past, are also runners, but what they are running for is integrity, kindness, and redemption.
First and foremost, Baba craves redemption and spares no effort to do the good things in the rest of his life while pursuing integrity and kindness. Baba betrays his friend, Ali, by impregnating Ali’s wife when he was young, but he is regretful for it and spends a life-long time redeeming himself. As a result, Baba does a lot of good things, like feeding the poor on streets, building the orphanage, giving money to friends in need, and eve...

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...). To express the love that he didn’t give to Hassan, Amir becomes another man: He is unselfish and generous. He considers Sohrab as the most important person in his life and tries his best to love Sohrab. In the end, when he sees a steady smile spread across Sohrab’s face while flying kites in America, Amir finishes his redemption.
Baba and Amir both had sin when they were young, but they spend the rest of their lives struggling for integrity and kindness to redeem themselves. Baba betrays Ali, so he spares no efforts in doing good things and leading others to become kind. What’s more, Amir has sin too, so he can’t help recalling it all the time and eventually decides to do something to atone it. In the end, Baba and Amir both find their redemption. Just like Rahim Khan said in his letter: “And that, I believe, is what true redemption is, when guilt leads to good.”

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