Essay about Running and Over Training

Essay about Running and Over Training

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Even though some experts believe that excessive running is detrimental to the human body, and others believe any amount of running is one of the key components in most athletes, Still others believe that moderation between both extremes can benefit your sport.

Running may have a heavier toll on the body than any other sport, literally. With each stride, force of two to three times the bodies weight is hammered on the joint, muscles, and tendons.

How much running is “too much” running? is there too much of a good thing? There is and it is most commonly referred to as over-training. Over training is by definition the imbalance between training and recovery.the conceptual theory behind most “plateaued” and over-worked bodies, in the gym, the swimming pool, the track etc.. Over worked meaning that they are being worked to a detrimental state. a place where the individual isn’t getting the most out of your body and may even drop in body mass, muscle mass and overall performance.

Lehmann, Manfred, Carl Foster, and Joseph Keul. "Overtraining in endurance athletes: a brief review." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (1993).

What is the physical toll of over-worked bodies, from excessive training? The physical toll of over-training is persistent or longevated muscle stiffness and soreness, persistent fatigue, elevated resting heart rate, decreased immune system, as well as increased risk of injury. There is a mental toll as well, you become more exhausted, the body takes longer to relax when the need for rest is important and opportune. techniques to combat this anxiety are breathing techniques, Yoga, stretching and even massage.

Marathon runners have been known by scientific research to push their bodies past the...

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... envelope sealed by your imagination? the opportunity and choice is yours, as both an athlete, and a runner.

With a constant expansion of community with young athletes especially those of a younger age. the youth is becoming a prime target for most colleges, and professional teams. The cream of the crop is getting younger, so to speak. The youth are becoming the new outlet of skills and insight to constantly changing sports such as football, rugby, lacrosse, volleyball, track, and soccer. This is shaping the course of play towards new horizons based off of different ambitions and adaptations in training. One means of greatness will always be the same, run with purpose. whether its purpose to make a statement, improve your training, or be a better athlete. running is one of the key bases in many great athletes and can benefit any individuals sport dramatically.

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