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Running a Household Essay

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How much should a husband and a wife contribute to household chores is a major issue is marriages today. Should the man only take part a little, only helping out when the wife really needs help? Should he assume that the wife should run the house? Or should he participate in a least half the work, making the house egalitarian? Could he assume that the wife feels over worked between a job and running the house that she should cut her hours at work or ultimately quit? But what about the wife? Should she take on the responsibility just because or should she speak up for what she wants ; which is a helper not just a provider? Should she feel guilty for wanting help or should she trick herself into believing her husband is doing the best he can? If she quit her job, would that really help? Would she feel better and less stressed? These are major questions husbands and wives ask themselves.
So what do people consider typical family and how do they assume the household is ran. Most would say there was a wife who gets up early to get their child ready for school and m...

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