Running A Country Is No Easy Business Essay

Running A Country Is No Easy Business Essay

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Running a country is no easy business. Before even thinking about running for the presidency, candidates need to be familiar with the load of work that is thrown onto their back with their new title as Mr. President. Qualifications for who is going to be next in line for running the country should be herculean. You would not want any random, everyday individual taking control of the nation you live in. You would much rather see an accomplished, knowledgeable individual whom you can trust with making decisions that directly and indirectly impact the way you live day to day. This is where the Electoral College comes into play. The Electoral College represents states as a whole, with at least 3 electoral votes given to each state. These electors are nominated by the state legislatures in two common ways: by his or her state party committee after many years of service, or the elector campaigns for a spot and votes are held at the state’s party convention. Electors are chosen carefully through these processes if and only if they meet qualifications and expectations of the state legislatures. The Electoral College is not filled with your everyday man or woman out in the streets. Instead, it is determined by the actions and role the individual has played through their activity in politics. The Electoral College preserves the role of all states and their voters in presidential elections.
Our nation’s founding fathers were in fact afraid of direct election to the Presidency, fearing tyrant manipulation of public opinion and having power come into their own hands. Federalist, Alexander Hamilton, wrote, “It was equally desirable, that the immediate election should be made by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station...

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...actically force third party movements into one of the two major parties, Republican or Democratic. A third party must comprise their more radical views if they hope to attain any more of their generally acceptable objectives. In a popular vote however, “there would be every incentive for a multitude of minor parties to form in an attempt to prevent whatever popular majority might be necessary to elect a president,”(Kimberling, 2008).
The Electoral College is a necessary system in our government for determining who our next president is going to be. The knowledge the individuals chosen for the college possess is far superior to how much knowledge everyday citizens hold. With the power to elect the next president, the Electoral College has helped to make the best decision for our countries leader, looking to obtain progression and stability for the country as a whole.

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