The Rumors of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Essay

The Rumors of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Essay

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The Grand Duchess Anastasia was part of the Imperial Romanov family who ruled Russia for almost three hundred years. Anastasia’s father Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia before the communist rule. He was not a very good ruler, which caused his people to turn against him and later this caused the assassination of the entire Imperial family. After the family was assassinated rumor that Anastasia had survived began to circulate throughout Russia and later the entire world. People became fascinated with this tragic story and with finding the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but these rumors were false. Sadly, Anastasia did die with her family the tragic night so long ago.
“Crowned in 1896, Nicholas was neither trained nor inclined to rule, which did not help the autocracy he sought to preserve among a people desperate for change” (History 1). He was determined to prove that he was fair and just, but instead his people began to fear him because he was such a harsh ruler. As a father Nicolas II was kind and understanding, but he could not be that kind of father to his people. As he grew up his father had educated him in politics and ways to be a good ruler by giving him many tutors, but he never let Nicolas put these things to use. So, when Nicolas was put in power he had absolutely no idea how to be a good ruler. There were two things that ultimately let to Nicolas’s downfall, which were Bloody Sunday and World War 1. Bloody Sunday was a protest by workers led by a priest named Gregory Apollonovich. It was a completely peaceful protest, with no intention of violence. Nicholas II wanted to make martyrs of this people, so he sent armed forces that opened fire on the crowded. Around a hundred people were killed and many more were wounded....

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