The Rules Of Social Media Essay

The Rules Of Social Media Essay

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Nothing ever stays constant and the same is true for social media, the rules are always changing and it is easy to slip beneath the cracks if one is not on guard. The rules that the girls experience on Instagram stem from a need to be seen and the pressure surrounding the stage of life that they are in. Social media for them includes a social hierarchy achieved through carefully constructed comments and the number of likes that they can receive on a picture. The rules also place expectations on the girls support group and future potential friends through an exchange of comments and likes. However, there is no guarantee that what the girls are practicing now will be what they practice a year from now and there is no guarantee that they will be using Instagram. Over time the rules of social media simply transfer to another platform that is new and exciting. In a way rules are there to govern the platform on which they are implemented but at the same time the rules are not set in stone and are subject to change.
Facebook is subject to many rules that keep others from getting offended but poor communication can present itself in any format whether it is face to face communication or electronically mediated communication. I believe that the key to social media is discretion, the less people know the more intrigued they will become. Common communication issues include typos, spelling errors, and the occasional miscommunication. However, some people seek attention whether it is positive or negative and respond by posting attention seeking things such as providing too much information about certain situations, posting risky photos, and putting people on the spot by tagging them in confrontational statuses. Some poor communication practic...

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... communicate to others is irreversible whether it is face to face or electronically mediated. Although the original post might later be deleted there is a possibility that multiple people have seen it already. Mediated communication is superficial in some ways because it is possible to talk to someone without talking to them at all. However, when looking at the complete picture mediated communication can be helpful in some cases where you cannot see someone in person as often as you would like. For example, I added some of my estranged family members that I have never had a close connection with in hope of bonding over Facebook since I no longer live in Louisiana. At the end of the day every form of communication has its pros and cons but if one is able to shift through the rough patches then they will be able to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media.

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