The Rules And Regulations Of The Game Essay

The Rules And Regulations Of The Game Essay

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The gym is full of people; the stands are so full that they overflow onto the edge of the court and out the doorway. The shrieks and screeches cry out from the crowd’s cheers. The ball crashes through the net, as they jump popcorn flies. The home team hit a three-point shot; they are winning with only a few seconds left. In these few seconds, the coach looks around. He realizes why he does what he does. At this point, none of the labor, time, and effort matters. The only thing that matters is the win, seeing his team succeed; watching a team grow is unlike any other feeling. In order to understand that feeling, one first has to appreciate the game: the rules and regulations, the legends that have played and coached, the development of the game, and lastly the requirements and nature of the job. A coach will always have an impact on a team in the way they teach the players to work with others and look for ways to improve themselves.
Basketball came to be in the winter of 1891. Before it became popular, it was a made up game for gym students. James Naismith, a Canadian who was studying physical education in the US, developed it as part of a class project (The Rule Book 34). At first, there was a maximum of nine players per team. The goal was to throw a soccer ball into peach buckets nailed to the walls. Eventually an improved system came to be. An orange rubber ball and a ring with a net represents todays’ game. Until then, when a shot went in the bucket, the game had to be stopped to retrieve the ball (Olympics). As basketball grew, it gained popularity with both boys and girls playing. The first public game in 1892 caused it to become more and more prevalent throughout YMCA’s, colleges, and the entire country (“Who invented Baske...

... middle of paper ..., they were his fans. He also mesmerized other stars. Magic Johnson can be quoted saying, "There 's Michael Jordan and then there is the rest of us." (Jordan Bio). Michael Jordan was also a humble man. He may have been the best in many people’s eyes, but one would never hear him admit it; he says:
There is no such thing as a perfect basketball player, and I don’t believe there is only one greatest player either…I built my talents on the shoulders of someone else’s talent…Without Julius Erving, David Thompson, Walter Davis, and Elgin Baylor there would never have been a Michael Jordan. I evolved from them….I listened, I was aware of my success, but I never stopped trying to get better (“An Excerpt…”).
Michael Jordan was an extraordinary player who always shocked the crowds, he never gave up and because of that, he will always be a legend in basketball’s history.

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