Essay about The Rules And Norms Of Airport And Airplane Behavior

Essay about The Rules And Norms Of Airport And Airplane Behavior

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This past weekend, my team traveled to California for a wrestling match. In order to get there we had two separate flights, each a couple of hours long, which gave me ample time to observe the various people on the plane. I spent a good deal of time watching and thinking about the norms of airport and airplane behavior, both written, codified rules and informal rules that nearly everyone follows. These venues prove as very interesting locations to observe people, as it involves groups of strangers enclosed in a small area for extended periods of time. Airport behavior is something that is learned through experience. First-time fliers observe others in order to ensure that they are going to the right places at the right time and doing the actions deemed acceptable by society as a whole within the confines of the plane or airport.
Airlines are institutions that have their own unique set of rules outside of “normal society.” These rules and norms of airport and airplane behavior are socially constructed as behaviors that are often seen as acceptable outside of these specific institutions may be frowned upon or illegal within the confines of air travel. This social construction is a product of social interaction, between the many employees and consumers at the airport, with the airport having the goal to transport their customers from one place to another as quickly and safely as possible. This goal requires that the airport effectively does its job and that the passengers play their own part in following the rules set forth. People are expected to act in accordance to the airport norms, or else will be potentially faced with punishment. An example of this could be saying the word bomb. In everyday life this is not a big deal, however...

... middle of paper ... whether or not there were differences in behaviors, as one group would be socialized by experienced fliers while the other would have to figure it out on their own. It is likely that the rookie fliers in the mixed group would act more closely to the accepted norms than the group comprised of only first time fliers.
In all, airplanes provide a unique situation that shows how the social construction of reality is situation dependent, in the sense that stepping into an airport means that you are now following a new set of rules and norms that dictate acceptable behavior. Because of this fact, it would be interesting to look at how people are socialized to this situation. This goes to prove how far one’s sociological imagination can spread, as nearly any normal activity involving groups of people, large or small, can give huge insights into the culture as a whole.

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