The Rule Of Law And The Requirement Of Democracy Essay

The Rule Of Law And The Requirement Of Democracy Essay

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Tunisia, a country located in the northern part of Africa, marks the birthplace of the Jasmine Revolution –a wave of demonstrations throughout the country all in support of overthrowing the current government at the time and creating a democracy. The Tunisian people saw that their economy, society and country were failing and realized that the current government system and officials were to blame. They succeeded in overthrowing the government and are currently trying to create a fair and stable democracy. A key element to democracy is rule of law. Rule of law is the legal principles that should govern a nation and is essential for a proper democracy. It protects the rights of citizens, as well as their property, from other citizens and the government. The laws should be clear and concise, eliminating all confusion and ensuring that they are properly enforced to create a safe and free environment. In this essay I will argue that the rule of law in Tunisia meets the requirement of democracy by thirty percent.
To properly secure the rights of all citizens within a country there needs to be a well-written constitution, with legal supremacy, to guarantee those rights. As a step towards democracy the Tunisian government rewrote their constitution to give their citizens fundamental human rights, such as the right to be treated equal. Also many new rights were added to this constitution or at least had additional points added to already existing rights. Some of the rights guaranteed in this revised constitution were revolutionary for the Islamic world; an example would be article 46 of their constitution. This article states that the state will protect the rights of all women, and continue to strengthen and develop those rights. Addressi...

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...vernment influence. They are still picking up the pieces from the Ben Ali government including many cases on corruption
Dubeau- 6
(“Economy”, 2014). When I compare my score to that of other sources I found that they our scores were quite similar. The 2014 Index of Economic Freedom currently ranks Tunisia as having 57.3% freedom and is ranked 109 when compared to the rest of the world. I found that a majority of other sources were extremely generous when scoring Tunisia. I personally feel that the country has more than fifty percent democratic freedom, although they are close. Tunisia is a country that has gone through a lot and are in the process of rebuilding as a democracy, doing so takes time and patience especially when dealing with law. They have made some great steps forward but more must be done to ensure a free and fair democratic system within the country.

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