Essay about The Rule Of Ivan The Terrible

Essay about The Rule Of Ivan The Terrible

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Before Peter the Great’s rule in the mid 17th and early 18th century, Russia was a largely agricultural society with few ports, widespread anti-intellectualism, and differing powers. Despite its ever expanding nature under the rule of Ivan the Terrible, according to Sigismund von Herberstein, “there [were]...three princes of Russians. The first is the Prince of Moscow…; the second is the Grand-duke of Lithuania; and the third is the King of Poland.” This set up a confused and weakened state due to lack of clear direction – a state without a clear leader does not accomplish much and is vulnerable to foreign invasion. The weakened state and bad agricultural yields led to what is dubbed as the ‘Time of Troubles,’ a period from 1598 to 1613 in which Russia faced invasion and war with its neighbor Poland and the East Slavic Cossacks. Russia was invaded by a ‘False Dimitri,’ supported by the Poles and the Cossacks, who claimed to be rightful tsar and disturbed a traditional Russia with continued relations with differing religions (such as Catholicism) and a lack of devotion to the Orthodox Church. This led to anti-foreign sentiment, resulting in many boyars (Russian nobles) claiming the ‘False Dimitri’ was simply a “foreign puppet” in order to ruin the False Dimitri’s credibility and regain powers for themselves. What followed was a period of Polish invasion and reactionary Russian insurgency that unified Russians against foreign control and led to their establishment of the Romanov dynasty in 1613 by the zemsky sobor (“assembly of the land”). With its new ruling dynasty, Russia sought to improve its economic and social conditions due to the fact that “trade, industry, and [the] economy” of Russia had been “severely damaged.” Furthermor...

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...wing them to lose any of their own self-respect.” This shows that while Peter had rejected traditional Russian customs, he believed in maintaining a moral and structured Russia. Overall, Russia believed using imperialism to conquer Chechnya in the Caucasus Region was divinely ordered and would be instrumental in their future plans to conquer all of Europe while believing in the importance of retaining their values and exerting those values on their holdings.
However, Chechnya did not desire to be under Russian control, but due to their small statehood and inability to truly come together as a result of ethnic divide, Chechnya will reluctantly and bloodily fall under the control of Russia. Chechnya was originally populated by Chechno-Ingush natives who brought about and cultivated the Islam religion from the 7th century until it was deeply rooted in the 18th Century.

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