The Rule of Forbes Burnham and the People’s National Congress Party Essay

The Rule of Forbes Burnham and the People’s National Congress Party Essay

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To some , Burnham was viewed to be less radical then Jagan. Burnham strongly believed in making Guyana a socialist country. In the 1964 elections, the PNC received about 41% of the votes along with the new political party, The United Force which received about 12% of the votes with that percentage the United Force party gave in and supported the PNC making Burnham prime minister. The United Force who represented the conservatives of Guyanese
society such as business elites and the Catholic Church. Under Burnham’s leadership the Guyanese government was turned into an advertisement for the PNC. The PNC followed a strong socialist doctrine and 80% of the economy was nationalized. The Guyana economy stalled and crime became a way of life. Guyana was not capable of exporting sufficient goods to earn enough for the import of vital goods.
Even though at the start of his presidency, when he had everyone hooked on his oratorical brainwashing skills, he was adopting moderate policies but he began to grab full dictatorial
power during the 1968 elections. He established strong relations with the Soviet Union , Cuba, North Korea and socialist countries which allowed him to implement a socialist form of government. During the 1970s, Burnham’s policies which were 1) “ National Security Act” which gave the police the power to search, seize and arrest anyone Burnham wanted arrested, 2) banned all forms of imports into Guyana such as rice and flour without developing a program to produce these essential items domestically, 3) bankrupted the local economy by nationalizing foreign owned companies this stupid idea eventually led Guyana into a default of international debts by the International Monetary Fund which reduce the private sector sh...

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...ders who were democratically elected. Burnham was not elected in a free and fair election, he got his power by nefarious and illegal means and destroyed the country with it. Burnham’s government was a legislative body functioning under a corrupt constitution, a parliament created out of a electoral theft that has no validity and a constitution crafted specifically to enhance the
power of one man, as mentioned earlier in the chapter. Burnham looked to seek the respect of world leaders which in fact he should be seeking the respect of his own people. As his presidency came to a slow end and the assassination of Walter Rodney ( which is to believed that Burnham was behind it) he did not change his mind on the critical issues affecting the country such as including democracy, economic betterment , and free and fair elections. Burnham was inflexible to these demands.

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