Rugby Should be a School Sport Essay

Rugby Should be a School Sport Essay

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Rugby Should be a School Sport
Imagine it is a Friday night underneath the lights, in October, and you are walking into a stadium packed with fans cheering. But the only noise you can hear is the sound of your cleats hitting the pavement as you are marching up to the field, and the only thing you see is the other team and the end zone. It is such a stimulating feeling, it is unforgettable. Now, you may think I am talking about an American football game, but I am not. I am talking about a rugby match. Believe it or not, football derived from rugby. Differences are in rugby, there are no pads, the ball does not have laces, fifteen men to a side, and above all else, it is an international sport and it is safe compared to football. How come if it is safe, and it is a worldwide sport like soccer, why is it not a school sport like football is too many high schools and colleges across the country? Rugby needs to be a school sport not only because it is safe or it is international, but because it builds character in those that need support, teaches people how to work as team, and to expose what real brotherhood is.
When it comes to physical contact sports, there are two categories, collision sports and tackling sports. American football, ice hockey, lacrosse, boxing, and many more are considered collision sports. Tackling sports would consider rugby, Gaelic football, Australian rules football, and even soccer as some of the world’s tackling sports. A collision sport is way more dangerous than a tackling one. For example, in a football game, it is pretty typical to see players lose their helmet’s, ripped out of their jersey’s, and be taken off the field by ambulance. Reason being is because nowadays players feel like they are Iron Man...

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