The Royal Music World Experience Essay

The Royal Music World Experience Essay

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Many students have the erroneous view that anything; anything at all in the world is better than their school life. They dread the exams, loath the note taking and the bore of a teacher’s lecture. And yet, they have not realized how cradled and protected they are from society. In short, they don’t yet understand that fact that they are among the luckiest of age groups- never to worry about where monetary income is from, never to worry about when to ration their money spending. However, going to an internship changes all that. The sheer difference in an office atmosphere versus a classroom’s is enough to jolt a student awake, enough to clear the fog in front of him and make him appreciate his education. The student will see what real work and office politics are like, how his attitude should be towards all work, and how he should interact with customers. At the end of the day, many claim, “Any school test beats this job!” I of course, is no exception.
My own internship is grouped into two major portions- an office worker and a music teacher, both of which are in the premises of Royal Music World. Being an extracurricular music school, it is the only organization in Shanghai that arranges for various exams of the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) taken in the city’s vicinity. It is quite popular- many students eagerly prepare for the ABRSM as it is a major music education system known by colleges all over the world. In addition, the school is a monopoly as it is the only group that can directly contact the government to schedule exams. This dictates that all music students must pay the registration fee, regardless of whether they take lessons in the school. Interestingly enough, the ABRSM also requires “Aural...

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...bout. I also do not want to end up in the position of a teacher in grade school, faced with the immaturity of hordes of students and the onslaughts of parents. In short, I want to be a leader of my own (on whatever career path I end up choosing), a leader with the right work attitude and social skills to set an example for everyone to see. I want to be able to be recognized as someone who contributed immensely to his field of expertise. If anything at all, an internship is an excellent way to find a true purpose in life. A person can truly soar and prosper when he finds a definite direction in his world, and I believe through this internship, I took the first steps. Of course, many more steps are required to find it, but it will be worth it The search for one’s life purpose is a difficult but rewarding journey, and that is what I should be continuously striving for.

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