Rover By Aphra Behn : Themes Of Love, Lust, And Marriage Essay

Rover By Aphra Behn : Themes Of Love, Lust, And Marriage Essay

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Love can influence the lives of many people in various ways, but many people do not actually differentiate between love, lust, and marriage and the way in which they can reap benefits from the three things that seem to be perfectly similar, but are different altogether. People mostly end up in marriage without knowing whether it is love that is actually driving them or whether it is lust. In this essay, I chose the play; Rover by Aphra Behn, to show the various perceptions of people towards the three. Behn has managed to portray this through the characters in the play. These characters search for love to serve permanent connection or physical needs. This therefore begs for a question, is marriage therefore founded on the basis of love or on the need to satisfy physical needs such as lust. In this essay, I will discuss the elements of love, lust and marriage in the play and the characters attitudes towards love, lust, and marriage as well as my opinions on the same.
The theme of Love has been well developed in the play; it is portrayed through the lives of Hellena and Willmore, Florinda, and Belvile and other characters. The love between Florinda and Belville is a clear indication of what true love is. Florinda and Belville married against her father’s wishes: her father wanted her to marry Vincetio who was a wealthy son of the Viceroy so that she (Florinda) would bring more wealth into the family. This is evident through the argument between Hellena and Pedro over the marriage between Florinda and Vincetio. Pedro said and I quote “…you must consider Don Vincetio’s fortune, and the jointure he’ll make you (Behn, 580). Hellena replied and I quote “Vincetio may perhaps increase her bags, but not her family” (Behn, 580). However, Flo...

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...just how the society is founded. People marry with different intentions, there those who marry for wealth; there are those who marry out of love and others marry to satisfy their internal physical desires.
In conclusion, in the play by Aphra Behn; Rover, the themes of love, lust, and marriage have been developed through the various characters in the play. According to some characters like Wilmore, Love is means just the sexual engagement. While others like Florinda love is meant to give satisfaction and happiness. Lust is taken with priority by some characters like Blunt who believe in indulging in sex without any commitment or pay. Marriage has also been portrayed in the play through the marriage of Florinda and Belville, and that of Hellena and Wilmore. The marriage of Florinda is based on true love while that of Hellena is based on satisfaction of Physical desires.

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