Rousseau And Rousseau 's Theory Of Political Philosophy And Moral Psychology

Rousseau And Rousseau 's Theory Of Political Philosophy And Moral Psychology

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In this essay I will be assessing the extent to which Rousseau and Wollstonecraft work contributed to the development of social thought and focus on the key ideas both of these researchers encountered, jean- Jacques Rousseau remains an important figure in the history of political philosophy and moral psychology, Rousseau views often very negative seeing philosophers as the past- hoc rationalizers of self interests, as apologist for various forms of tyranny, and as playing a role in the alienation of the modern individual from humanities natural impulse to compassion. The major concern that dominated Rousseau’s work was to find a way to preserve human freedom in a world where humans are increasingly dependent on other for the satisfaction of their own needs. This concern was made up of two dimensional material and psychological of which he thought psychological had greater importance in the modern world, he states that humans tend to derive their self opinions for the opinions of others, a fact which Rousseau sees as corrosive of freedom and destructive of individual Authencity. In his latter works, Rousseau explores two routes to achieving and protecting freedom, the first being a political one aimed at constructing political institutions that allow for the co-existence of free and equal citizens in a community which they themselves are sovereign, they themselves lead, the second is a project child development and education that fosters anatomy and avoids the development of the most destructive forms of self interests, however Rousseau believes the co-existence of human beings in relations of equality and freedom is possible, he is consistently and overwhelmingly negative that humanity will escape form the dystrophic of alienati...

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... Mary Wollstonecraft maintained that this did not contradict the role of the woman as a mother or a carer or of the role of the woman in the home. She maintained that ‘meek wives are, in general, foolish mothers’.
Reason was her starting point. For Mary Wollstonecraft, rationality or reason formed the basis of our human rights as it was our ability to grasp truth and therefore acquire knowledge of right and wrong that separated us, as human beings, from the animal world. Through the exercise of reason we became moral and political agents. This world-view was acknowledged by all progressive thinkers of the time. However, it was essentially a man’s world and the work of Rousseau was typical of this. What Mary Wollstonecraft did was extend the basic ideas of Enlightenment philosophy to women and Rousseau’s educational ideas of how to educate boys to girls.

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