The Rough Life of a Lobster Essay

The Rough Life of a Lobster Essay

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The treatment of lobsters and whether or not it is right to prepare them as food is a highly debated matter that is continuously being brought up in our society. Lobsters are one of the most majestic and interesting creatures that our waters have to offer. These poor animals are becoming the victims of widespread cruelty due to over-harvesting and by the very inhumane methods of preparation that are used to cook these lobsters. The effects of these bad behaviors create much debate in the world, which extend to countless individuals. The overall cruelty that is demonstrated towards lobsters is damaging to both the lobster population and society’s reputation and these acts of brutality must be stopped.
Although the harvesting and preparation of lobster is becoming increasingly looked down upon by many, there still remain some benefits of the existing lobster industry. The practice of catching lobster and selling them in open markets is one of the oldest traditions that exist in the coastal towns of the New England region and the local people take great pride in the animal. The Maine Lobster Festival held every year in late July is a good attraction for tourism and is a staple for the midcoast region (Wallace 156). The lobster industry also brings in countless amounts of revenue to these coastal economies through marketing the actual product, hosting festivals, and even selling various types of lobster-based merchandise. There is good reason to believe that these towns would struggle greatly if the lobster industry goes away entirely. In addition to cultural and economic reasoning for support of lobster cultivation, arguments can be made that the preparation method of lobster is not inhumane at all due to the overall anatomical make...

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... debated topic whether or not it is morally okay for lobsters to be captured in the wild and later prepared as food is an ever-lingering topic that has sparked much debated, and will more than likely continue to do so. The lobster is being increasingly over harvested and this is leading to dwindling numbers. The boiling of these lobster and other methods of preparation are very disturbing and are viewed as extremely cruel. The harvest of lobster is becoming increasingly damaging to both lobster populations and the image of humanity as a whole and should no longer continue in our society.

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