Essay on Rottenness Crept Over of Denmark in Shakespeare's Hamlet

Essay on Rottenness Crept Over of Denmark in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Rottenness slowly crept over of Denmark. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many of the characters were victims of this rottenness and others aided the rottenness to spread. Old Hamlet, Young Hamlet, Claudius, and Young Fortinbras are in a constant relationship with the rotten antics going on during the play. However, all of the characters are affected by the rottenness that slowly dictates the entire nation. The relationships between the characters are very suspicious, because everything that goes on during the play is very secretive. Eventually the entire story is drowning in the rottenness that took control. The allowance of the rotten lifestyle to spread, slowly destroys Denmark as a whole. Rottenness appears as a theme in Hamlet, because there are rotten relations between family members, rotten morals, rotten relationships between countries, and there is a rotten plot line.
The core of the rottenness throughout the play starts with the rotten family members. Claudius is named king shortly after he poisons, his brother, Old Hamlet in his sleep. Not only is he pronounced as king, he marries Gertrude, Old Hamlet’s wife, immediately after he passes away, which Young Hamlet overtly disapproves of. Hamlet does not trust any of the events that happened, therefore the rotten relations between family members. The ghost of Hamlet’s father comes to solidify Hamlet’s feelings towards his new step-father by saying, “'Tis given out that, sleeping in my orchard, a serpent stung me. So the whole ear of Denmark is by a forgèd process of my death rankly abused. But know, thou noble youth, the serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown (Act I, Scene 5, 35-40). The ghost tells Hamlet that everyone thinks he was bit by a snake w...

... middle of paper ... he is perfect, because he just had to put on an act to cover up. His act is the reason why majority of the plotline ended up so rotten.
Denmark slowly rotted as a nation. Rottenness took over the character’s relations with family members, their morals, their relationship with other countries, and it slowly took over the plotline of the entire play. The characters in the play slowly allowed this rotting to take over, because there was nothing else they can do. It essentially became the norm. Although the rotten relationships were apparent since King Hamlet killed elder Fortinbras, Claudius aided in the spread of the rotten dispositions. Since the new king was completely rotten, it slowly spread to everyone else, like an uncontrollable plague, which eventually decays a population. Just like the play, in the real world one rotten aspect can ruin many pure souls.

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