Rotten Tomatoes Vs. Meta Critic On The Film Dope Essay examples

Rotten Tomatoes Vs. Meta Critic On The Film Dope Essay examples

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Rotten Tomatoes vs. Meta Critic on the Film Dope
Dope is a controversial film which addresses many issues with today’s youth living in crime-polluted, drug-infested neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles. The movie, though a low budget film received relatively positive reviews from both Rotten Tomatoes and Meta Critic which have been known for destroying a film’s reputation in the public eye, causing ticket sales and movie goers to plummet all before the movie’s opening weekend, which is when movies earn the most profit. Dope is both comical and surreal bringing more of a lively and relatable experience to movie goers. Rotten Tomatoes and Meta Critic, although known for killing the movie buzz are websites in which movie critics and cinema lovers get a chance to express their thoughts on movies as well as give a pretty good synopsis of what the movie is about allowing true cinema lovers to decide whether or not a movie is worth your time. Most human behavior tends to follow the crowd, dismissing a film before giving it a try, but I dare you to be different and take a chance. Go see the film for yourself and make your own opinion.
Dope revolves around three geeky teenagers: Malcom, Jib, and Diggy who have a unique obsession with 90’s hip hop culture. Malcom the main character, struggles with surviving every day in his unpredictable and dangerous neighborhood while juggling the SAT’s and trying to get in one of the most prestigious colleges in America, Harvard. These teens are nothing like the people in their surroundings and are constantly being made fun of for their good grades and irregular behavior. They are constantly put in perilous situations due to a few run ins with a few people who oppose the way they act and the fact t...

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.... The one thing the critics can most assuredly decide on is that the movie does deliver a taste of reality in its own absurd way.
While Rotten Tomatoes believes the movie to be a bit of a mess, yet still delivering a positive message, as well said by Alonso Duralde (2015), “This vibrant film is a bit of a mess, but it 's a beautiful one.” (“Rotten Tomatoes” Top Critics Section, para.14). Meta Critic felt the movie a bit more real to the touch, as appose to a mere mess says one critic Mick LaSalle (2015), “It’s a movie about a geeky teenager living in the Los Angeles hood, and something about it, or rather everything about it, feels real.” (“Meta Critic” Critic Reviews Section, para.1.). Although receiving much criticism from both, viewers at home, and of course the press, the movies stands a great success. We can all agree that the movie was a blast, critic or not.

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