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Roslyn's Birthday Essay

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Roslyn looked at the tower once more. It was tan, with aging stone blocks and dark, forest green vines creeping up from the sides. The top was arched up in an awkward position, curving up then looping down. There were windows, yet they weren't much of a help. The windows were barricaded with gray concrete for some unknown reason. Roslyn felt scared and intimidated. The tower seemed dangerous, much like the ones in Dragonspyre she had seen in her textbooks.

"Could Professor Ambrose be conspiring my deathbed? This certainly doesn't look like a simple mission." Roslyn said quietly to herself. She had no one to talk to, not even her own pet! Plus, didn't the headmaster know it was her birthday? Couldn't she atleast get a day off, maybe play some mini-games or go back home? She had been working her butt off in Marleybone finishing up the arrest of Meowarity before realizing that it was her birthday. How could Ambrose be so inconsiderate!? Shakily, Roslyn opened the enormous stone gate and gulped as she peered inside.

The room was nearly plain, except for some few decorations such as a floating ghost and a frozen statue of a black Colossus. The floor was tan with a gold border and the walls were a beige color in a formation of a brick. In the middle was a green table filled with scrolls and a magic orb. At the back of the room lay a looming Obsidian Chest, along with a glowing yellow egg and an empty brown bucket. There was something else though...

"Happy Birthday, Roslyn!" numerous voices sang, scaring the wits out of the poor, young necromancer. She shrieked and covered her head, assuming a futile position. Nervously, she opened one eye and sighed with relief, discovering the crowd to be a sea of familiar faces.

"W-What a...

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...make myself clear?" Cyrus asked her with a cold stare. Roslyn meekly nodded her head. Once out of hearing distance, her neighbor turned to her.

"Wow, you got off easy! What did you do?" The fellow wizard asked, whispering quietly. Roslyn thought about it before smiling.

"I let him take the first bite of the cake!" Roslyn giggled a little. The fellow wizard bumped his head on the desk from amazement. Other students began to crowd around her, all flabbergasted.

"A-Are you serious!?" They exclaimed, nearly forgetting a dangerous, cruel teacher was lurking about. Roslyn looked around before putting on a serious face.

"I'm dead serious." Roslyn smiled, turning back to her work. The other wizards were soon admitted to the hospital from a mild case of a heart attack.
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