Essay on The Rope of Broken Promises

Essay on The Rope of Broken Promises

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A thirteen year old boy stands with his back facing the crowd. He is scrawny and offers a promising victory over the rope. They cheer him on, coach yells at him “Come on, scout! You got this!” Little did the crowd know his upper strength fails, his lack of coordination falls six feet through the ground, and his hope was already diminishing as the seconds trickled by. He sighs, places his hands on the worn-out rope and begins the long journey up the brown snake all while lightly cursing at the structure of the school system. Halfway up and he feels the rope gets lighter, dangling beneath his feet. He’s almost to the top, his hand reaching out and his arm uncontrollably shaking. His fingers brush against the littler rope the bell is connected to; at this moment the rusty gold object is his savior. Before the boy has a strong hold on the smaller one, he hears an unsatisfying tear. Before he knows it, the kid is somersaulting through the air before his back hits the blue tattered mat and darkness becomes his new friend. Nothing regarding the story is unbelievable. We all know that one kid who can’t climb the rope in gym class. If we continue to require P.E. among students this takes away their freedom of choice, delivers fake promises, and pushes students beyond their limit until they’re thoroughly embarrassed, feeling awkward, or become seriously injured.
Notably those who live in the United States are aware of the freedoms we’re entitled to. It doesn’t matter what age, what gender, nor race – America is based on equality; it’s based on a concept of freedom of choice. This freedom allows the American citizens to pick and choose what they want, regardless of the consequences. If this choosing leads to experience for a future job, then...

... middle of paper ... to move but he can’t. His whole body is numb, his mind in a frenzy of worry. The sound of machines doing their job fills his ears; is this what it was like to have an out of body experience? The thought was interrupted by his father’s solemn voice. “Pull the plug,” he says. In a matter of a few seconds, the boy has drifted off into an endless sleep.

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