The Roots Of Mexican Americans Essay

The Roots Of Mexican Americans Essay

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The roots of Mexican Americans
America the land of opportunities, millions of people have left their countries to look for a chance to start a new life, a new beginning. Over the last 400 years, immigrants from different parts of the world left their countries for different reasons, some for war in their homelands others for economic and social reasons. Mexican community was one of the first group of people that stablished a strong presence in the country; therefor had and still has big influence in the development of the United States economically and industrially. Besides the contributions of the Mexican Community to America, Mexican decedents had faced challenges of acceptance from the American society, in a land that once was Mexican territory. According to the U.S census bureau in 2010 there are 50.5 million Latinos origin that resided in the United States. Of these 31.8 million are Mexican origin. Despite the large presence as Rodolfo Jacobo, professor and Department chair, Multicultural Studies at Palomar College recounts in his article Chicano Cultural Space: It’s Roots, “there exist a vast lack of knowledge of the political, economic and cultural significance of the Chicano cultural nationalism” (Jacobo 4). In the search of acceptance Mexican decedents had look and still looking for spaces that they could encounter a sense of home, but through the entire search Mexican Americans find themselves in a territory and a society that denies and discredit their experience and contribution. However, through all the different situations and experiences that Mexican Americans had faced and still face help them to take a step forward, and become leaders of the communities in order to speak out and proclaim their rights as any Americ...

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... of the discrimination experience by the Mexican community in the United States. In the article he proposes that the anti-Mexican sentiment was born in Europe as the result of political and religious conflict. The conflict between Spain with the Catholic Church and England as Protestants, the results a powerful anti-Spanish sentiment and fear. The anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic sentiment transcended into the anti-Mexican sentiment, it was the reason that justified the reason of the abuses and racism. Besides the abuses from the American society towards Mexican Americans, they were taking over their lands, the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada of California in 1849 and the copper mining in Arizona. The industrial evolution and a promise of a bright future was in the south west for the Americans, but for Mexican Americans was not the same, they were work force.

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