The Roots of Conflict by Adam Frank Essay

The Roots of Conflict by Adam Frank Essay

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A New World
From the beginning of time, science and religion have been a constant back and forth battle. This battle, for decades, has always seemed to reappear when people started talking about the creation of the universe, the origin of species, or a new grand discovery. As to get to the key point of the conflict of why the dispute is always present, Adam Frank from his book:
“The Roots of Conflict: Science and Religion Before Divorce”, tells us, “We have been taught to see the debate between science and religion as a slow burn of simmering antagonism that periodically flares into the realms of open cultural warfare. Textbooks, classrooms, plays, films, and popular media all paint the background of ideas and preconceptions about the history of science and religion. From these we form our expectations” (Frank Adam).
From this people discover, from the beginning of time, people learn the hatred, feud, and expectations of being a scientists or being religious.
Anywhere you go you are confronted by different sources of media that show that there is a serious problem between the two. Never can they truly reconcile together. We are forced to come to the conclusion that science and religion are always at odds with each other. We simply learn this by our cultural background from our family, church, and school. Each paints a different perception of what is the real truth to the problem. With confronted by this different perspectives, we ultimately become distorted and confused. When it comes to the controversy of stem cell research, there is much to be considered on both sides of the science and religion debate. With understanding and being open-minded about the benefits of stem cell research, it can help us come to an agreement.
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