Essay on The Roosevelt Island 's New York City Transportation System

Essay on The Roosevelt Island 's New York City Transportation System

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,Our Journey began when we were riding the Roosevelt Island Tramway together. The Roosevelt Island Tramway spans over the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side of Manhattan located on East 60th Street on 2nd Avenue. The tram ride is about five minutes maximum, as we were riding the tram under the East River. A fantastic view of the clouds was seen from the large glass windows, using that as our advantage, we snapped some aesthetic pictures together. If you 're afraid of heights you’ll probably be distracted with the spectacular view of Manhattan 's East Side view. The ride does not have as much movement as a train or bus, when it does it 's because of the velocity of the wind, when the tram is making it way up to one of the higher towers which support the tramway to go across the east river or when the tram is making its way down reaching the Island station. Overall The Roosevelt Island Tramway is a historic New York City transportation system. For a person who has been on the old tram before it was renovated, it is amazing to see how it has been reconstructed into a bigger size and less time to wait for it to arrive into the station. The tram attracts tourist attention because of its beautiful view of the east river instead of taking the train where you’d be underground with no view except with darkness. The only existing transportation that could take us around the island is the bus, known as the Red Bus, and it is unique to Roosevelt Island in a variety of ways. The Red Bus is unlike any other bus New Yorkers would ubiquitously encounter in New York City. One clear difference between these buses is their colors. Instead of the ordinary MTA bus’ gloomy colors of white and blue, the Red Bus’ alluring gla...

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...t is in its essence a memorial to in my opinion, one of the greatest leaders of this nation, thus proving how it is a historical treasure to New York City. There we found an almost empty park. A neat row of barren trees presented themselves. Everything about the park was appealing to the eye. This I attribute largely to the symmetry. From the trees to the cobblestone everything was neatly ordered and symmetric. I could imagine cutting a line straight down the middle of the triangular park and find myself with two identical parks. There I could see a statue head at the very end. Once there we were greeted by an enormous president Roosevelt. His eyes gazed north and almost seemed to be staring at the bridge. As the wind blew over the east river I looked to his right stood the United Nations Building. I now understood why this park was dedicated to President Roosevelt.

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