Roosevelt as an American Leader Essay example

Roosevelt as an American Leader Essay example

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The Great depression was a time of great need and hardships for American citizens all over the United States. America was in great need of a leader, someone who could make this dreadful process easier, and Franklin Roosevelt rose to the occasion. During Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address in 1933 and his 1944 State of the Union Address, emerged as the great American leader everyone was in desperate need of. He would take the blame off the American people as well as provide them with goals and a very achievable image of America in the close future.
In his1933 Inaugural Address, Roosevelt made it his goal to encourage Americans as they faced many great challenges during the Great Depression. Roosevelt, as well as all Americans, knew they were in a struggle but Roosevelt prevented their moral from getting any worse. Roosevelt states “ let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…”(Roosevelt 1933) and ensures the citizens “Yet our distress comes from no failure of substances.”(Roosevelt 1933). Roosevelt never blamed the American people for the depression, and did not want the American citizens to blame themselves for what happen. He also encouraged Americans to keep their heads up and do not fear the outcome of the situation.
Roosevelt truly emerged as a leader during his 1933 speech. He took on the responsibility of getting America back on its feet. Roosevelt said,” Happiness lies not only in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement. In the thrill of creative efforts” (Roosevelt 1933). In this particular quote from his speech, Roosevelt gives hope to Americans by telling them that they still can be happy and when they overcome this great task, it will bring the...

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...ay not fully understand the purpose and hidden reason for doing so. All though some individuals may not have been completely on board at first, I believe that the longer Roosevelt talked and reinsured Americans their safety and successful outcomes post war, their questions were answered and accepted Roosevelt as a leader and his ideas.
I believe Roosevelt showed great leadership and comforted many fearful Americans in both his First Inaugural Address in 1933 and his 1944 State of the Union Address. All though both speeches were successful, I believe that his First Inaugural Speech in 1933 was the better of the two. In this speech, Roosevelt not only took the blame off the American people, comforted them, provided specific information on what the United Stated needed to make a successful change, and most importantly took control and leadership over America,

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