The Room Was Dimly Lit By The Moonlight Essay

The Room Was Dimly Lit By The Moonlight Essay

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The room was dimly lit by the moonlight shining through the small window. It casts a harsh shadow over Jack and Roger as they slipped into the room with quiet determination. Jack’s lips curled at the sight of Ralph. He was sitting on the cot with his eyes fixed on Jack, looking stoic trying to conceal his fear. It was silent except for the sound of the door clicking behind Roger and the quiet snores of the littluns. Samneric almost jumped at the sound. They slowly inched away into the corner, trying not to drag any attention towards them. Every bone in Ralph’s body screamed for him to run, but he sat there frozen.

“W-What are you doing here?”, The tremor in Ralph’s voice gave away his front. Jack scoffed.

“ Remember what you said in the courtroom Ralph, that I was an evil, cold-blooded killer?” Ralph glanced towards Samneric, who quickly looked away. Jack’s nose flared.

” Have you forgotten already?!” he clamored.

The littluns were woken by the commotion but quickly went back under the covers once they recognized the black figures as Jack and Roger.

Jack stomped towards Ralph, reaching for his collar. He pulled him up throwing him against the wall. Jack placed his hands around Ralph’s neck, suffocating him.

“ I should have killed you on that island,” Jack said through gritted teeth, “ You were always in my way.”

Roger’s hands itched as he watched intently. He desired the pleasure of wrapping his hands around Ralph’s small neck, but Jack seemed unable to stop.

“Wait,” Roger said sternly, “Let me.”

Jack hesitated for a moment. In those short seconds, he thought about the island, the deaths of the two young boys, and how they looked during their last seconds. Jack knew that he couldn’t do it. He clenched his fist...

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...e door slowly creaked open and everyone peered inside. Light shone over the room through the small window, illuminating the red that coated the floor. The metallic smell overwhelmed Jack making his eyes water. Everyone could easily identify the body laying on the floor with a sharp stick through its throat as Roger. Their eyes trailed over to the other body, sitting on the floor looking lifeless. The choir gasped, piecing together what went on between the two. Jack shuddered, focusing on Ralph. His eyes were glassy and dark. His lips were no longer a fleshy pink color, and his skeleton looked almost visible from the outside of his body. Jack saw a slight movement in Ralph’s eyes and was he was compelled to looked into them. Beads of sweat dripped down Jack’s temple; he felt uneasy and anxious. They stared back mockingly, devouring him in its blackness; haunting Jack.

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