The Room Fell Silent As Mr. Brocklehurst Essay

The Room Fell Silent As Mr. Brocklehurst Essay

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The room fell silent as Mr. Brocklehurst stepped to the podium. At that could be heard was the tap, tap, tap of Jane fidgeting in the hard wooden pew. Mr. Brocklehurst breathed in deeply, as he always did when he was able to give his sermon.
“Let us begin congregation. This week, I felt the Lord impart me the urgency of preaching on Hell. So I shall.”
Jane groaned.
“Jane, this sermon shall be very applicable for you I am sure. For it shall be a preview of where you will spend the rest of eternity. Not so my daughters nor wife. For they are diligent about keeping the Lord’s commands and I am diligent about keeping them warm and free from disease. But, let me continue. I have found that there are many of you who fear those that cannot kill the soul, rather than the Him who can send both your body and soul into eternal damnation. You filled your table with rich foods rather than eating bread and water and using the rest of your income to feed the starving orphans and widows. You indulge in alcohol instead of giving water to the thirsty. You add furnishings to your spare rooms, but filled those rooms with guests and not those who are in need of a home. You clothe your children and wives in silk and furs rather than clothing the naked. I tell you congregation, do you see those girls in the front row?” Mr. Brocklehurst pointed to the students.
“They are the pupils of Lowood whom I admonished to do away with the luxuries of life and to focus on what is pure. Do you see the joy on their faces? Except, that Jane Eyre child. She is not joyful because she is weighed by the sin of following after the ways of the enemy of lies. Take heed congregation! Be sure that both your habits and your heart align with God and not the Father of lies...

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...not the lies of the enemy. Death is sure and life is uncertain. I have buried many a child whose parents thought would live to find a happy life, only to be struck by disease and buried beneath the ground because of the parent’s pride in their child. Stay on the narrow path. You may do as I have admonished to the pupils of Lowood, partake in plain fair, simple attire, and unsophisticated accommodations. Say your prayers night and morning. Read and memorize the Bible. Through this I have had much success in teaching most of the pupils of Lowood to stay away from temptations of hell through the consistency of the Christian walk and so too, I believe, will help you. If you are willing to follow this example, surely you shall not be told by the Lord to depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, but to be welcomed with well done, thou good and faithful servant.

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