Ronald Hampton's Autobiography

Ronald Hampton's Autobiography

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"I once asked myself, how history was written. I said, "I have to invent it." When I wish as now to tell of critical incidents, persons, and events that have influenced my life and work, the true answer is all of the incidents were critical, all of the people influenced me, everything that happened and that is still happening influences me."

It's very hard for me to describe myself but this, I guess, is difficult for everybody. I think I'm a relatively thoughtful and quiet person,

Especially towards people I don't know very well. However, people who I call my friends, know me as a very lively and talkative person.

Basically, I think I'm a positive and life-affirming person. In my mind, everybody can reach nearly every goal, in case he/she really believes in it.

You just need a great portion of staying power, motivation, and enthusiasm - and I think, I do fulfill these "requirements".

At least till now, I was able to turn most of my dreams into reality - and some are still waiting to become reality.

I also believe that I'm patient and relatively calm - in the past, this wasn't necessarily the case but certain events in my life changed this behavior. Even so, sometimes I still can be very quick-tempered.

Furthermore, I think that I'm quite quick-witted - I often come up with an answer like that and moreover, I do not just sit down and take things (especially those that bother me) like that. Unfortunately, that's not always favorable - sometimes I have the feeling that people get a wrong impression of me - the impression that I always have to have the last word.

Apart from that, I'm curious and therefore I get relatively easy enthusiastic about certain ideas, things, etc. I also do not shrink back from challenges - on the contrary, most of the time I love to accept challenges.

Although I'm able to be spontaneous, I rather prefer to think over certain things in advance. Therefore, I sometimes have the problem of racking my brain over things, which do not occur in the end. But meanwhile, I'm working on this "problem".

Moreover, I'm very reliable - if I promise something I'll keep it. That's why I can't stand unreliable persons - if he/she is not able to hold onto things promised, then he/she should not promise anything.

I was born on July 24th, 1984, in the province of Daet, Camarines Norte in that part of Bicol-Philippines.

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My father was a printing press operator and my mother was a fish vendor. We led a hard life, almost like peasants. During my childhood I had a long, actively spell of enjoyment and my happiness has always been present.

When I was six and already able to read and write, my parents motivated me to go to

Elementary since I already finished primary school and Kindergarten. At that time I discovered very interesting education in Bagasbas Elementary School. I plunged into the lesson and classics of the knowledge. Reading became a passion with me as well as writing. I carried books and pen hidden under my clothes and read and write wherever I could. My education in Elementary was maintained throughout six years with honors and awards each year.

I was quickly preparing to enter the secondary. But unfortunately every year in that level except in fourth year was always transferring into other school; from Moreno Integrated School to Lady of Peñafrancia College and to Camarines Norte National High School.

Apart from my secondary education I had to help my mother at the market to sell fresh Fishes to support our family in our everyday living.

I loved these diverse occupations since nobody checked my spare time, which I was able to devote entirely to business. By the age of seventeen I started to work at Jollibee-Daet as my part time job while I was studying at AMA Computer Learning Center of the same place. I was very proud to myself that time for the reason that it was very impossible for me to be able to work since I was just seventeen with a height of four feet and nine inches. A " Service Crew of the Month" for six consecutive month for being an industrious Pantry man.

During this period my family had encountered a serious problem, made me systematically to make me pursue an independent life. I arranged the world according to my private use, looking at it through my own decisions weather to do bad or whatever I wanted.

Within myself I felt vague enchantments, dull restlessness, and uncertain desires. I had hallucinations when I was awake. What wings carried me to unknown worlds!

Already I felt sick and confined at home and later at the hospital; daily life was a burden. I dreamed of great actions, of voyages - rovings across the oceans of a free and independent life.

For entire weeks I would keep away from the house and try to live in the woods like a savage. I formed monstrous shapes in potter's clay, or cut them in trees; I filled my notebooks and the margins of my books with rough sketches, and I spent more than one night crying without reason.

Such was my life until the age of twenty. I shall skip the following years until the age of twenty-two.

I lived in Baguio City and - being twenty-three years old - I naturally had a wild imagination and a tender heart. Misery was my inseparable companion; I was a socialist and the punishment was inevitable. I worked as a Marketing Officer at NELCARD Marketing accredited by Citibank, then after a few months I resigned.

The Korean Guy hired me from his English School after reading my page at the internet entitled " Life's Existence". Considering me a responsible one, He trusted me to manage his Korean English School ( The Units Engl;ish Tutorial Institute). After a year I had enough of the managing school life with its miseries and lack of a future since I'm not yet a graduate in college; besides, my ability for managing was nonexistent.

I was able to find my life in schooling at University of Baguio. I lived near market in a small house. Our income was pitiable, our life hard and tedious, my surroundings primitive. I had hit rock bottom. I was lucky to make the acquaintance of a Born Again Christian Pastor, a convinced and practising christianity. He dazzled and conquered me. A world of fantastic dreams and possibilities opened before my eyes. He had constant and close contact with christianity circles at Chatedral of Praise in Baguio City, corresponded regularly with Mommy Fennie, wrote in spiritualist journals, and was always giving an spiritual advices. For them, God is the King. They were kind and very much concerned about our family.

Way back from my sad experience, I suffered from illness for six years-from 1998-2004 ( didn't include at the beginning). My right ankle was infected that took me to bed for almost a year with a half year of state of deep and prolonged unconscious or coma. As a result I had learned a lot of learnings in life. My whole being was filled with unspeakable happiness: at last I had found my way. But this good fortune was not without results for my adventurous life.

I began a new Odyssey of misery, roving and struggling with destiny.

With the help of a surprised somebody from anywhere! It was there, too, that I continue living, as I remember when the earth was already opening under my feet. An irresistible fascination with terrifying death killed me ahead of time.

The more profound my faith became, the more violent my fascination with annihilation, and then incessant hunger pushed me toward the abyss.

As I believed, life is a continues learning that I have to discover each day. Being a responsible person is not about avoiding things that will lead into disgrace sometimes it helps me to realized things that happening around me.

At present, I am still seeking for my real life; a life that there will be no sadness that everything must be happiness; Enjoying beyond my control but aware with my doings; Continuing to look for many friends to be a part of my mysterious life and most of all trying to look for my destiny. I could go on but I do not want to waste my time. I will Open my life and all the doors wherever I find them. There is no end to life. And this life proves that everything in this world is part of it.
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