Essay about The Romulus Police Department Task Force Division

Essay about The Romulus Police Department Task Force Division

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In my second interview I would like to introduce Mike Taylor of the Romulus police department task force division. Mike is 25 years old and has no kids, he has a K9 that is his partner and works with him only a daily basis at work. Mike was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida but moved to Romulus to be with his family that lived in the area. Shortly after arriving in Romulus mike started taking criminal justice classes at Wayne State University, About two years later mike graduated from Wayne state and earned his Associate 's degree in criminal justice. Following this he interviewed for a job with the Romulus police department and was offered a position in the task force division.

After getting the job Mike soon learned that the task force was a little more than he bargained for. On a daily basis mike would have to condition and training the police department. He also had to endure taser and pepper spray testing At first he didn 't think that he would be able to make it through the training at first but after a couple weeks of hard intense training he finished and was at tha...

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