Romulus As A Leader Of A Great Leader Essay examples

Romulus As A Leader Of A Great Leader Essay examples

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Rome, even at its beginnings, proved to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s rapid growth and accumulation of power and repeated victories over powerful neighbors set Rome in a position of great authority and influence. As the leader of early Rome, Romulus’ effective command of his men and governance of his people provided the foundation for the building of a great city. Livy emphasizes Romulus’ possible divine origins and strong ties to deities as a validation and reinforcement of his ability to rule. A nation’s sole defense cannot be just bricks and mortar, it requires an army and a will and Romulus was able to successfully take action against the aggressors when action was needed.
The idea that Romulus was the son of a god, Mars, justifies his destiny as a great leader of a great nation. His divinity is perhaps what saved him from an ill fate as an infant. Many other rulers prior to Romulus readily accepted their relations to a god and a deity as their source of power, so it is unlikely that Romulus would want to deviate from his origins. Upon obtaining sole power, Romulus’ first act after fortifying the Palatine was to “offer sacrifice to the gods” (pg. 37). Livy actively mentions the influence of the gods on Rome, especially in battle. After the triumph over Caenina, Romulus offered the god Jupiter his enemy commander’s armor as an offering of the spoils of his victory, showing off the current and future successes of Rome. During the Sabine siege of a Roman fortress, Romulus prays to Jupiter to help the Romans fight as they have retreated and morale is low among the soldiers. Romulus exclaims, “Jupiter himself commands it” that they face their enemy and fight on, and that is what the Romans did (pg. 45). Not only is Romulus...

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..., to bring good health and fortune to the people, among many other things. It is only appropriate that the divine origin of a leader and establishment of a leading deity for the city is an important qualifier of their right to rule. Romulus also exhibits the crucial ability of leaders to make the right decisions and take the initiative in the interest of the city. He populated Rome with any means that we could and defended the city rather than retreated at the face of attack. The governance of the population was not a challenge for Romulus because they were willing to cooperate and work under a leader who provided them with a home; the passion these people had for Rome allowed Romulus to have such a powerful force to defend the city. With few setbacks, Romulus was able to lead Rome “to strength… It was to him… that she owed the power” of her vast influence (pg. 48).

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