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When Juliet and Romeo first met, it was at the capulet household on the night of a party. His friends were there to crash the party, but Romeo came for Rosaline. When the servant asked them for assistance and Romeo saw Rosaline's name on the list he knew he needed to go. Romeo did not plan on meeting Juliet there. It was truly love at first sight. Right when Romeo saw her he forgot about Rosaline immediately. He felt the need to be near her, to touch her, and that is what he did. Closer to the end of the gathering he snuck off with Juliet to an exclusive corner. He only received a few minutes of privacy, before the party ended, and he had to leave. There was only time to get her name and steal a few kisses. Once he left Juliet was told by the nurse that they were enemies even though they had never met until then. Of course, he had to be a Montague. She knew it was all too good to be true. Even though she was having bad feelings about the relationship, she went through with it anyway. During this scene I felt that it gave a good picture of what the clothing looked like. There was a variety of young peoples clothing to older peoples clothing. (N/A)

The previous night they spoke on the balcony about marriage plans. Even though they had only met that night, they believed that they were meant for eachother. The Nurse was appointed their messenger, because they are not allowed to be seen together. She was sent to talk to Romeo about the marriage plans. Her job was to gather the information, and bring it back to Juliet. When the Nurse first meets Romeo, she is a little shaky about letting Juliet marry him, but after talking to him she feels that he is worthy to marry her. They make a plan about how they will get away with the secret marriage. The plan was that they were going to go to Friar Lawrence's cell to get married. Romeo was going give the nurse a tackled stair, or ladder, to let down on the balcony so that he will climb up and sleep with Juliet that night. Juliet was waiting impatiently at the house while all of this was going on. When the nurse arrived, Juliet was jump up and down with excitement.

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She was told the plans, but there was one flaw. What was she going to tell her parents as to where she was going? The idea of telling them she was going to confession was given, and that was what they went with. The first part of the plan went accordingly. They went to the cell and got married. I drew this specific scene because I felt as if it was one of the more important scenes from the book. It explained a part of the story that everyone needs to know to understand the plot. (Owens )

The plans didn’t play out as well as they liked them to. In a public area in Varona, a fight broke out. It was a brutal and bloody fight. Dramatic casualties happened. One of them was Romeo’s dear friend Mercutio was killed by Tybalt’s sword. Out of anger and grief, Romeo lashed out at Tybalt. He ended up killing Tybalt, and fled before the Prince arrived to the scene. Benvolio explained what happened truthfuly. Even though the punishment for another disturbance of the peace was execution, the Prince gave Romeo the sentence of banishment to a city just outside of Verona. He was kinder in his decision because Tybalt was just as guilty, because he killed Mercutio. Also because he was related to Mercutio. Now back to that plan they made. It went really well didn’t it. I also picked this scene because of its importance, but I also chose it because it gave an idea of the setting in Verona and how they lived and fought. (Owens )

Juliet will try anything to get out of marrying Paris. She is desperate, so she turns to Friar Lawrence for help. He gives her an idea. It is quite clever, but risky. He will give Juliet a sleeping potion. It will make her look and feel as if she is dead, but she will actually still be alive. When she “dies” they will put her in the family tomb. Before that Friar Lawrence will send a letter to Romeo in Mantua informing him about what was going on, and that he needed to come save Juliet. She would be waiting for him in the tomb, and they would run off together to Mantua and they would never be seen again. There were some risks to this plan. What if the letter didn’t get to Romeo? What if she was stuck in the tomb and went crazy. What if the potion was a poison. All these things ran through her head while she had the potion in her hand. All those things still didn't phase her. She drank it anyways and fell into her deep slumber. This scene was very important, and that is why I chose it. This scene is needed to understand why Romeo killed himself, and many other things.(Owens )

Romeo never received the letter that was supposed to be sent to him from Friar Lawrence. It was stopped because of the black plague. He found out that Juliet was dead from a slave named Balthasar. Juliet was his world, and he felt that he didn’t need to live anymore because she wasn’t with him anymore. He made the decision to buy poison from a poor apothecary and kill himself when he visited her grave. When Romeo came to the tomb, he was greeted by Paris laying flowers on her grave. Paris was not happy to see him, he was supposed to be banished. Paris wanted to turn him in but it was stalled by their fight. Paris was a skilled swordsman, but Romeo was better. He killed Paris, and right before he died he asked to be layed next to Juliet. That is what Romeo did. As he looked at her he felt pain. His true love was dead. That was when he decided it was time to drink the poison. What a single kiss, he drank the poison and died. Juliet soon woke up to the sight of two dead men infront of her. Romeos death rocked her. She too decided that because her true love was not in the world anymore, she would kill herself. Her hand grasped Romeos dagger and plunged it into her abdomen. Juliet bled to death and Romeo poisoned himself. There was truly never a happy ending for the two star crossed lovers. This scene summed up the whole play, it deserved a spot in the five slots. It explained why everything happened. (Owens )

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