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Rome, France, and America Essay examples

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The idea of an international melting pot is a highly commercialized concept the United States makes itself responsible for accomplishing. It uses a variation of people with different culture backgrounds to act as different ingredients in society. The United States is like a song that is being composed. It is not solely one note being played consecutively for three minutes straight, but it is a compilation of different notes that creates a song. These diverse people are like different notes on a music scale, each has their own distinct sound and together they have the capacity of manufacturing beautiful music. Sometimes some notes are played more than others, but they all play a role in the development of the song. Similarly to music, a diverse population harmonizes with each other and blends in order to make a prolific final product. In the case of music the ideal product would be a song, however in the United States the ideal product would be a proficient society.
More importantly, the United States has not only created a melting pot society because of its diverse population, it has succeeded its goal by adopting diverse ideologies such as those imposed by ancient Roman principles and the French enlightenment ideas to create a solid foundation for American civilization. While as the Roman Empire and United States territories are relatively close in size, their beliefs are also closely related. The United States and Rome both, detest monarchy as a form of government, were highly democratic and used the Republican government to exercise the people’s representation, believe men’s rights should be prioritized over women’s, prioritize those who can trace back their roots to their land, respected basic human rights, and somehow interw...

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...he people categorized under the “Upper Class” category while as the rest of the population falls under the Middle Class or Lower Class categories.
Overall, the United States is the epitome of a cultural melting pot. It has primarily adopted the ideas of the Roman and French societies and government forms. It has taken the ideas of prestigious people in western history and applied them to their own history. Some may say, those who do not know their history are prone to repeat it. Controversially enough, the United States has studied the history before it and it is choosing which concepts and ideas will further help its social harmony to become a competent society through a stable government. The United States could not have possibly formed without the knowledge of its ancestors.

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