Rome And Its Impact On America Essay

Rome And Its Impact On America Essay

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Rome and its people have had many notable campaigns and conquest throughout history. One of the most noteworthy campaigns is their time spent occupying and assimilating the Britons. The Romans campaign into Britannica brought both significant positives in the name of progress. They introduced their culture and daily lifestyle to the Britons, which in turn caused technological and societal advances. In doing this, it also resulted in acquiring wealth in the form of land, natural resources, and human resources. However, these positive advancements that the Romans brought to Britannica and its people could not have been established without some notable negatives. Such as the destruction of the Britons own cultural heritage by being assimilated into another nation 's cultural spectrum. Also the societal changes for the Britons involved Roman customs that the people of Britannica were not comfortable with. The Roman conquest in Britannica did indeed progress the people of Briton and helped them live better daily lives in a more advanced manner, but it also brought about a lot of turmoil and civil strife. This is attributed to the Romans trying to purge the Britons cultural heritage and assimilate them into their society.
The Romans first invaded Britannica in 55BC and 54BC under the rule of general Julius Ceasar. However, it was not until 43BC when they came into Britannica to conquer it and claim the lands as their own. Occupying these lands caused Britannica to be considered a Roman province. This led to the assimilation of the Britons into Roman society, culture, and daily life. How they integrated the Britons into their cultural spectrum was by building the first towns in Britannica. They were linked to one another by good road...

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... but others also saw this as an act of insult and cruelty. To take one 's previous culture and alter it to another’s choosing is always going to have negative impacts even if this new culture can bring about a better lifestyle.
In conclusion, the Romans campaign in Briton did bring about both significant negatives and positives. Negatives in regards to the destruction of Britons cultural heritage and the penalties that came with being forced to assimilate into another’s cultural spectrum. Positives came in the form of great innovations for society, daily life, and technology. The Romans campaign did help progress the people of Britannica but at what cost? What the Romans did in Briton is accurately illustrated in the words of Calgacus. They did bring desolation in the form of conquering but also brought peace in the form of innovations in the name of progress.

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