Romanticism, The Supernatural and Human Existence Essay

Romanticism, The Supernatural and Human Existence Essay

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Romanticism, The Supernatural, and Human Existence
Throughout the 18th century the Romantic era dominated Western cultural thought. Romanticism was an enormous artistic movement that influenced some of the many, well-known artists we study today. Percy Shelley was one of those artists. Shelley was infamous for his anarchism, atheism, and provocative egotistic views. But for some, Shelley appeared to be a Romantic philosophical poet with beautiful works of art.
Stanzas Written in Dejection-December 1818, near Naples was a poem written by Shelley that expressed Romantic work because of its literary structure and style relevant to nature. Shelley uses the elements of human feeling as well as natural imagery in this Romantic poem. The natural imagery in the first half of the poem gives the audience the impression of a beautiful and peaceful surrounding. Shelley gives an optimistic perspective of nature in this poem by saying, “The Sun is warm, the sky is clear, The waves are dancing fast and bright.”(p.398) He is able to connect with nature by personifying it. He expresses, “The breath of the moist earth is light” and “The City’s voice, itself is soft like Solitude’s.”(p.398) Shelley is using human characteristics such as “breath”, “dancing”, and “voice” to describe the scenery of nature around him creating an apparent vision to his audience.
Stanzas Written in Dejection December 1818, near Naples is a very interesting poem in that the reader is able to really capture the message that Shelley is trying to convey. He is describing all of this beautiful nature around him, yet he lacks hope, health, love, peace, and contentment. He is sitting on the sand observing the ocean and listening to the calmness of the waves. This...

... middle of paper ... that it is evident that Blake wanted to express to his audience through his companion poems that there are different states of the human mind and life. That there are different types of existence’s in the world. That of the superior, ideal state and that of the reality of human life. We recognize that we are innocent as children and then become tempted by evil once it is apparent of what is right and wrong. We must experience in order to distinguish between good and evil. This is where Blake labels his poems Songs From Innocence and Songs From Experience.


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