Romanticism Is The Key Elements Of Romanticism Essay

Romanticism Is The Key Elements Of Romanticism Essay

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Romanticism has four main elements or ideas. To begin with one element of romanticism is Human Potential. Human Potential has to do with the comparison of good and evil within a character. It shows a character 's ability to adapt to certain situations or circumstances. Also another element of romanticism is Individualism. Individualism helps the reader understand a character 's emotions. It reads into how the reader acts and the reasons they act the way they do. It also helps the reader understand if what the character did was internal, intrinsic, instinctive or intuitive. Even more another element is Figurative or Deeper meaning. Figurative and Deeper meaning deals with the more in depth meaning behind the words the reader consumes. It makes the reader connect the words and have a better understanding of what mindset the writer was trying to portray. More importantly there is imagination, what I believe is more important above all other elements. Because Imagination helps you envision the story. Imagination helps create an image in the reader 's mind by using descriptive words. Not only does it create an image for a reader it also deal with the unique characteristics of the character 's in the story which is important to. It helps you better understand the character 's personality. All of these elements are best used in Poe’s works of romanticism.
An element that Poe used in his works was Human Potential. First of all Poe used Human Potential in his work The Tell-Tale Heart. In The Tell-Tale Heart the character killed a man because the man’s eye bothered him. This shows his human potential for evil because only someone truly evil would kill someone because their eye bothered them. Also Poe showed Human Potential in The Black Cat...

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...or Deeper Meaning. In the Raven the character refers to the bird as a raven instead of referring him to a dove or a more loving, positive bird. This shows Figurative or Deeper Meaning because a raven represents death and the way Poe makes it sound the character is going through the death of a loved one. Lastly Poe used the element Imagination in his work The Tell-Tale Heart. Within the story the character in talks about how much he loves this man but then he plans and watches this man until he kills him.This again shows Imagination because of the character 's unique characteristics because it’s unusual for someone to kill a person they claimed to love. Poe is one of the best romantic writers because of how amazingly he uses all the elements in his works. I never saw how important the elements of romanticism were in works of literature until I read some of Poe’s work.

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