Romanticism During The Romanticism Period Essay

Romanticism During The Romanticism Period Essay

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Throughout the Romanticism period, human’s connection with nature was explored as writers strove to find the benefits that humans receive through such interactions. Without such relationships, these authors found that certain aspects of life were missing or completely different. For example, certain authors found death a very frightening idea, but through the incorporation of man’s relationship with the natural world, readers find the immense utility that nature can potentially provide. Whether it’d be as solace, in the case of death, or as a place where one can find oneself in their own truest form, nature will nevertheless be a place where they themselves were derived from. Nature is where all humans originated, and thus, writers captured this intrinsic characteristic of nature in order to provide answers to the inexplicable. In order to describe such a powerful being, these authors capture the intricate relationship between man and nature by presenting it in a strictly literary manner. Through the use of thorough imagery, meticulous meter and rhythm, and other contributing elements, writers of the time could capture the versatile purpose of nature and its use to man through comprehensible means to later audiences.
Although Bryant’s piece at first appears to present readers with the images of the gruesome, eternality of death, he later connects the gut-wrenching idea to comfort in nature through the use of vivid imagery and an effective shift in ideas to achieve the desired effect. A common human fear: the fear of death is captured early on, giving the story a seemingly morbid employing images that spark feelings of emptiness and claustrophobia. Bryant laments, “Of the stern agony, and shroud, and ...

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... to affect but also show how certain human actions in an ominous setting are more prevalent in the regard of evil human actions. Later on in the story, an inopportune gust of wind reveals the still-alive sister, and this effect shows that human’s reactions to events are sometimes driven by nature. When dreary moods of confinement and uncertainty are present, human’s are unable to respond adequately, resulting in the darker side of human nature.
While the first two pieces of the work show nature as an all-providing home that can serve humans as they wish, the last two selections show nature more as a resource for humans by addressing the capacity of human nature. These effects and ideas are achieved through the usage of imagery, figures of speech, setting, unity of effect, and meter in an adequate portrayal of the versatility of nature and its effects on mankind.

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