Romanticism As A Romantic Hero Essay

Romanticism As A Romantic Hero Essay

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Romanticism plays a major role in many pieces of literature. Romanticism is defined as, “any work or philosophy in which the exotic or dreamlike figure strongly, or that is devoted to individualistic expression, self-analysis, or a pursuit of a higher realm of knowledge, can be discovered by human reason” (Galens and Spampinato 51). Characterizing a common archetype known as a Romantic Hero, these traits are exemplified in Cyrano de Bergerac, “Federigo’s Falcon,” and “Dante’s Inferno.”
Romanticism did not start out as just a category; it started as a movement that lasted for about forty years (Milne 706). Romanticism became prevalent in many regions of the world, specifically America and Europe. American Romanticism was shaped by the history, culture, and ways of America. At the time, America did not have a king to rule over its people. The country was a democratic society where revolution and freedom were encouraged instead of dismayed (714). Striving to set themselves apart from the British, writers searched for new forms and styles of literature. They sought to create beautiful, lasting pieces, superior to anything the British had ever created. Their works reflected the “American character” and were, therefore, the reasoning for centralizing their ideas on the history and setting of America (715). Overall, inspiration came to the authors from the past. Whether from the church or from the culture, romantics drew from prior years to create a piece that enveloped ultimate simplicity (715). Both the American and French Revolutions began to contribute toward romantic pieces. Several authors of the late seventeen-hundreds wrote about the uprisings in Europe. These revolutions inspired many to write about the demand for rights amon...

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...istence, accurately depicting what is known as a romantic element (1).
All three works, Cyrano de Bergerac, “Federigo’s Falcon,” and “Dante’s Inferno,” accurately portray the archetype of a Romantic Hero. Shaped in many ways throughout the years, romanticism has grown into a common and profound type of literature. The individualism and self-analysis of each character support the idea of a romantic. While each work is different, individually, they represent romanticism as well as romantic comedies. The use of “love prevailing” extends from past writers to literary writers of this day. Romanticism continues to evolve with every new piece that is written. With every work, the writing is influenced by the history, culture, and experiences of the writer. Romanticism will forever be a part of our past and present lives and will continue to grow for the duration of time.

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