Romantic Relationships Are Interpersonal Attractions Between Two People Essay

Romantic Relationships Are Interpersonal Attractions Between Two People Essay

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Romantic relationships are interpersonal attractions between two people. Attraction can be one of two things, liking someone or loving someone. “Love” is a word that is thrown around like a football. It seems like everyone either loves or hates each other these days. The love I am referring to is the physical/romantic love one feels with their intimate partner. There are a plethora of theories regarding interpersonal attraction, yet there are different phases of love. The three phases of a loving romantic relationship are typically: Meeting your partner for the first time, the dating stage, and marriage and beyond.
Many would claim that there is such a thing as love at first sight due to firsthand experiences. "Fifty-six percent of Americans believe in love at first sight, and the percentage is even higher for married people and those in relationships," according to It is difficult to comprehend since one would hardly know an individual they just met. Physical attraction plays a huge role in “love at first sight”, but both partners may not agree. If I were to meet Julianne Hough in person, I could claim that it is love at first sight, but she may not think the same. Plus, I do not think her fiancée would like that too much. Yes, Dancing with the Stars used to be a big guilty pleasure of mine, stop judging.
According to the Uncertainty Reduction Theory, people experience uncertainty in initial interactions with strangers and are motivated to reduce that uncertainty. The axioms of Berger & Calabrese’s theory affirm that when uncertainty decreases, an increase in liking and intimacy takes place. Therefore, you cannot love someone at first sight when you are uncertain or uncomfortable with their behavior and personality. On...

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...the next level. Without going through the processes of the SPT and the URT models, the Social Exchange Theory would not exist. Therefore each theory is useful in stages, but are certainly not the same idea.
In conclusion, the evolution of love requires three stages and three successful theories in order to work. Remember I also said there are three different types of farewells in order to meet with a man or woman additional times? And you know what else? I forgot to mention there are three different legal age groups one can marry. Young adults, middle aged, and seniors. Depending on your age you will only most likely pick one of those age grouped citizens to marry. And if you did the math in my first equation and divided by three stages, three theories, three farewells, and three age groups, that number would equal one. So make sure you follow the theories closely!

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